Hearts of Gold Wellness Grant Awards

The Hearts of Gold Wellness Grant Program is dedicated to improving the health, morale, and overall wellness for members of the Tucson Police Department. Grant applications are accepted year-round and reviewed quarterly. our description here.  Hearts of Gold started this program in the Spring of 2022 and has granted every request they have received.

2022 1st Quarter Grant Award

In March 2022, Crime Scene Specialist Garrett Myers identified a need for fitness equipment at the Evidence, Property, and Identification Center (EPIC).  He took the time to identify the need and survey personnel to find out their preferences and interest.  He submitted a request for just over $2,400 to purchase the pictured fitness equipment and was awarded the grant.  Congratulations to Garrett on identifying this need for a section of the Department and taking the initiative to facilitate the health and wellness of our Evidence and Identification personnel! 

2021 4th Quarter Grant Award

In October 2021, Officer Jason Barton was organizing a fitness competition for the Tucson Police Department.  The top 10 participants with the highest percentage body fat loss would win two months of meals from Stay Naked Kitchen discounted their meals by 50% and pledged to match Jason's cost of $1,000.  Jason submitted a grant request for that $1,000 and Hearts of Gold was proud to award the grant.  Congratulations to Jason and the 10 finishers who worked so hard to meet their fitness goals!  We hope these meals help keep you on track and motivate you to continue your fitness journey!

2021 3rd Quarter Grant Award

In September 2021, Officer Mike Gamez submitted a grant request on behalf of the TPD Wellness Team.  The request was for $2,500 to purchase the pictured fitness equipment to supplement the equipment in the gym at the westside substation for small group fitness classes.  Congratulations Officer Gamez!  We hope this equipment encourages health, fitness and overall wellness for the TPD team.