Amber Norris


Ms. Norris started in the field as a medical assistant, working as a nursing technician in the hospital systems in Tucson. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University. She obtained a Master’s degree in Nursing from Brookline College in 2015, and her second Master’s degree in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner from Grand Canyon University in 2019. She has experience in ICU, Labor and Delivery, Hospice, Rehabilitation, Education and Psychiatric nursing. After a residency at El Rio Community Health in primary care, she now works as a Nurse Practitioner in Primary care. Her passion and heart is for First Responders. Ms. Norris’ passion for improving quality care for patients is evidenced in her commitment to furthering her own education to better serve patients. The wife of a police officer, her drive has always been to provide complete care to First Responders.

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